Thursday, 3 March 2011

my oh my where do i begin

So where do i start? Seriously i think i'm having a major heart combustion as i blog today. Did u guys see it coming??? I went online for 5 seconds and BAM!!!omgeeee!! VANITY FAIR!! and ROBERT PATTINSON!!! They are like match made in sweet heaven. I cannot even begin to explain how much this means to me....JAJAJA

OHMAAROB. i wanna be that alligator

The gaze. The fingers. The hat. I can definitely go on and on and on about how beautiful this person is. Seriously Rob, i dont think you have any ugly genes at all in your DNA. (Spread the beauty, will ya? Geez). If looks could kill, i'd die a thousand death by now.

whatcha staring at?

So last weekend, me and miss bff went to a shopping mall together. After a long walk and mouththirstly gossiping, i told her i want to go the the bookstore to find something.

Miss bff: what are you looking for in here?
Me:uhm....a magazine.
Miss bff: what kind of magazine?
Me: uhm...Vogue..
Miss bff: ooookay.....but why?
Me:...uhm just because...

Approximately 200 seconds later, ...BAM!!

Me: aaaaaahhh!!
Miss bff: WHAT!?? omagod now i know why...


I want to buy it. Seriously i really do. But my traitor little brain told me that i didnt have money to fool around. Then, miss bff gave me the most brilliant idea ever. "Buy it". She told me. Well it was the right thing to say for someone who just spent a huge fortune to cope with her Super Junior obsession. My subconscious nodded, and told me to go for it. But i was a student. And a student means living in poverty. As sad as it sounds, i really have to budget everything that i want to buy. (T_T).

Seeing that i was reluctant, miss bff said lets go through the pages and see if it's worth the money..So she and  i started flipping the pages rigorously (well i did and she just make some intense face to support me). There was just a few pictures of Kristen and i already read the article on the internet. But still, i went back and forth debating in the back of my mind whether i should buy it or not..It's just a magazine for god sake. A magazine that costs nearly 20$. I didnt buy it. I was a fool for giving in to my stupid budget that i never stick to anyway. And the regret lasts forever.

this is me. at home. regretting what i didnt buy

So i made a vow to myself. I shall buy whatever i want, wherever i want. This weekend i'm going back to the same bookstore to see if i still can find Vogue. I'm crossing my fingers that the magazine will still be available. And now i'm going to start my own R/K fund that will help me raising money to buy Rob or Kristen related items. How am i going to find money for this fund?? I dunno. But hopefully i'll be able to steal some money from my 2nd sister as she is my main supporter in this crazy fandom. Yihaaaaa...

That's for now. My thoughts will echo your name until i see you again. xoxo


a.ti.q4.h said...

who's that 'miss bff'?? she's surely a pretty young lady eh. hehee XD

Miss F said...

omg u hve no idea how pretty she is..after all i only befriended pretteh ppl lol